Viral changemanagement

it’s the
human factor

TURN supports organizations to engage employees in their digital transformation journey.

what we do

TURN supports organizations to engage their employees in their digital transformation journey.

Whether your organization is working on a concrete digitization project or envisions a larger digital transformation process, TURN can help you with clear and comprehensible actions and tools.

Targeted analysis

Every situation is different. To take the appropriate measures, a quick scan is the right thing to do. No lengthy, expensive audits, though. TURN dives right into the core.

Targeted actions

Whether it is a training, a workshop, a culture hack or using nudges, all are oriented towards co-creation and engagement, with the impacted people involved.

Agile turns

Projects are set up as short, small waves. We quickly discover what works well and what doesn’t. All our actions and tools are developed with this approach in mind. 

why we do what we do

Why we are different

TURN sets itself apart and tackles change management for digital transformations differently. Our actions are swift, flexible, instant and fundamentally people-centric.

join our test lab

Special times ask for special measures. Since COVID-19 turned our world upside down, TURN offers guidance by free contribution to 3 organizations. AKA, you pay want you want to pay.

Our Skills

Effective change management demands a good combination of hard and soft skills. At its core, it is knowing how to design a change project well, seeing what processes are helping or hampering and -at the same time- the ability to listen, to understand, to connect.

Over 15 years of experience in change and project management, designing processes, leadership training. Successes and failures along the way have led to starting up TURN: going back to the core of change, going back to my core competencies and to the beat of my heart.

TURN is at its best when a particular strategy and technology has been chosen already. TURN focuses on the human part of change. We DO offer a network of trusted partners if you are on the look-out for a strategy-exercise or for a digital tool.

TURN is a member of the DX Pathfinder platform, offering a full and thorough assessment of your digital maturity and a community of seasoned experts for every challenge that arises from that assessment.

  • Change – 95%
  • Leadership & Teamwork – 90%
  • Communication – 90%
  • Projects and processes – 85%
  • Digital strategy and technology – 70%

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” 

Winston Churchill