IMPACT: 21st Century Change Management, Behavioral Science, Digital Transformation and the Future of Work

Gibbons, P. (2019). Impact: 21st Century Change Management, Behavioral Science, Digital Transformation, and the Future of Work. Phronesis Media.

very short summary

The book “Impact” by Paul Gibbons explores how to lead and manage change in the 21st century to support digital transformations. It describes how we can humanize change and support behavior change. Paul Gibbons exchanges 20th century models for an evidence-based approach built on neuroscience and complexity sciences.

some of my favourite lines

"One ethical precept that has stood the test of centuries is Kant's 'treat people as ends in themselves' - that is, do not treat people as a means to your ends, or as 'resources'." (p.143)

"As experts who want to lead organizations into the 21st century, we need to update the gurus' ideas and debunk some of their baloney." (p.5)

"Change agility, in my view, is such an essential capability for organizational sustainability, longevity, and prosperity in today's fast-changing world." (p.78)

"Today, a more likely phenomenon than lack of urgency is change fatigue, trying to do too much without thinking through total change load." (p.115)

"It always appears cumbersome, time-intensive, and wasteful to engage multiple stakeholders, but the time is recouped later, and the chance of complete failure reduced." (p.122)

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if you want to know how to update your change models

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to have a new understanding of the so-called 'resistance'

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to use facts in the right way to influence people and win their hearts & minds

OR: listen to the podcasts ‘Think bigger, think better’, available on all good podcast channels

my personal opinion

I was an instant fan of the book. When Paul Gibbons talks about ‘humanizing organizations’, about scientific evidence for change management methods (in contrast to our common/old gurus) and about how to influence people, he confirmed all my thoughts, feelings and urge to start up TURN. Change management is growing up as a specific field of expertise and it was about time! If you want to have a solid foundation to change your look on change and digital transformation, this is a must-read.


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