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Now is the time to engage your people in further digitization.


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now is the time

Covid-19 forced all of us to go digital all the way. Let’s not loose that momentum & turn it into something positive.

Together we stand

TURN has a crystal clear mission and a razor-sharp approach. Be a TURNISTO and co-create our newest hands-on products.

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It is a win-win after all.

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Be the first to experience the hands-on approach of TURN to embark your people on your digital transformation journey.

The world is turned upside down. A virus has its grip on every aspect of our life. Work ánd social life are forced to go digital. All of us are subject to a sudden and disruptive change. That can feel scary, strange or -for some- exciting.

For companies, amidst all the trouble, there might be a hidden opportunity. Digitization is full force now. There is a momentum to take important steps forward in the further digital transformation of a company.

now is the time

We have accelerated our launch to support companies like yours with the human factor of their digital transformation. So you can grasp that momentum, and create something positive. In other words, you can TURN the crisis into an opportunity


To speed up the launch of TURN, we pause our market research and under-the-radar testing of our product portfolio. Instead, we want to support organisations today. Therefore, we want to test and learn together with you. Let’s co-create! 

Free contribution

Special times ask for special actions.

It is your very own, free decision to donate whatever amount for our services and products. Afterwards or in between. 


Do you want to join our test lab? Sign up today! Maximum 3 organizations can participate in the program.

You: get tailor-made guidance from TURN & can experience our hands-on approach to get your employees on board of your digital transformation.

We: get our first use-cases & can perfect on-the-job our developped materials.



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