Viral changemanagement

Why turn

turns things upside down

TURN sets itself apart by its approach. Our actions are swift, flexible, instant and people-centric. There is a reason why.

# digital transformation


Digital technologies are disrupting organizations of every size and shape. The degree of change and the pace of change is unseen. Organisations must adapt to this new reality.

human factor

The real challenge is not technology, it is the human factor. Digital disruption is primarily about people and effective digital transformation involves changes to organizational dynamics and how work gets done.

# change management


Change (including digital transformation) can have a truly profound impact on the lives and well-being of employees and their families. As change practitioner, affecting the lives of so many, there is the moral obligation to use the best available method and tools.


If you want your digital transformation to be successful, you must address the human change properly. That is a hard ROI calculation. It is about turnover.

# consultancy


The traditional change models may still have value, but are not a 100% fit with the kind of change we encounter today. There is a need for actions and tools that are adapted to digital transformation.

changing the game

Consulting as such also needs to change its game. Clients no longer want legions of pricey consultants to provide them with advice. Instead they want actionable tools and real change in the field.

Viral changemanagement

How turn

sets itself apart

modus operandi

TURN has its very own modus operandi. There are 3 overarching guiding principles:

People are at the centre of every action. Not a theory, model or plan.

Actions are instant, swift, lean, adaptable, flexible. It is a learning journey.

Start small to create greatness. From molecule to molecule, exponentially. Like a virus. A good one.

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