I believe that change is the only constant. (Heraclitus did too)

be ready

I believe that digitalization of organizations can be done in a humane way.

do it

I believe that we must be the writers of digital transformation, not merely serving it.

own it

I believe that human capital is the strongest force in the organizations of tomorrow.

be forceful

I believe that that force starts with knowing oneself. With challenging oneself.

know thyself

I believe that true cooperation can unleash the most powerful energy. True cooperation can only happen when people fundamentally respect each other.

stand together

I believe in free minds, curiosity, resistance to the status-quo.

be free

I believe that every single one of us can be free, curious and rebellious.

encourage one another

I believe in truthful, humbleness, commitment and passion.

only accept what is real

I believe change can only happen when we want it to happen. And we want it because we believe it.


I believe in human beings. In humanity.

be human