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As businesses and organizations seek to adapt and evolve in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing environment, the need for effective project management has become more important than ever.


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TURN offers in-house training sessions. This is a convenient, cost-effective, and efficient way to train your employees and develop their skills and knowledge. By customizing the training content, you can ensure that your employees have the specific skills and knowledge they need to perform their jobs well. On top of that, these training sessions show your dedication to invest in your employees and can be of great value for creating more team spirit.


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class room training

Our training consists of a well-balanced mix between theory and exercises. We use a pragmatic approach for applying project management, rooted in methodologies as PMBOK, PRINCE2 and Agile/scrum.

Participants gain insight in the philosophy of project management, learn to assess when project management is the suited framework and know all about the processes and tools of project management. Special attention is given to roles and responsibilities, stakeholder management and mobilising team members.

Ideal for groups from 10 to 15.


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teambuilding projectmanagement - TURN


Put the cherry on the cake of your project management training with a teambuilding day! 

During one full day, participants use all of the tools and techniques they’ve learned in a fun challenge. Which team performs best within scope, time and budget?

Ideal for groups up to 40.



Continue to build skills and add quarterly intervision sessions for the training participants.

Participants share experiences, hurdles and successes. They inspire each other and stay motivated to apply project management techniques and tools. All with the professional guidance of a facilitator with solid project management knowledge.

Ideal for groups of 6 to 8.

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If you consider training your projectmanagers (in spe), let’s talk about your specific expectations and your organizational context. We can tailor the training set-up and modules up to your needs. After the intake conversation you can receive a personalized quotation.